Imitating Jesus, the Nazarene

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul, 09 January 2020

Thursday after Epiphany, Traslacion of Black Nazarene at Quiapo

1 John 4:19-5:4 ><)))*> ><)))*> ><)))*> Luke 4:14-22

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Praise and glory to you, O Lord Jesus Christ! Every year on this date as we continue to celebrate Christmastime, you bless us with a unique Epiphany at the Traslacion of the Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno in Quiapo, Manila.

Many cannot understand the immense power of your image as the “Nazarene” as the gospel today tells us how you came home to Nazareth, your origin.

More than indicating to us your origin at Nazareth, the only place in the New Testament never mentioned in the Old Testament, your being called a Nazarene according to Matthew and Isaiah reveals to us your very essence as the “nezer” or the “shoot from the stump of Jesse” (Is.11:1), the new beginning of life here on earth with your coming as our Saviour from sins. You O Lord Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s promise in the Old, of the coming of the Emmanuel born by a Virgin.

The millions of people who flock to your annual Traslacion can never be wrong, Lord, in having experienced your manifestation or epiphany with them when they were so burdened with so much sufferings in life.

A debilitating disease maybe or serious sickness of loved ones.

Utter darkness and despair before hopeless situations.

Or a crushing defeat and failure in life.

You were there, Lord Jesus the Nazarene helping us all with our heavy crosses in life.

Help us to continue to love you, to love your Cross, and most of all, to love our neighbors so we may truly imitate you as Jesus the Nazarene by keeping your laws. Indeed, all these devotions are nothing without love that always entails pains and sufferings.

For the love of God is this, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome, for whoever is begotten by God conquers the world. And the victory that conquers the world is our faith.

1 John 5:3-4

Help us, Lord Jesus, to carry our Cross and follow you always faithfully and lovingly. Amen.

Nuestro Señor Padre Jesus Nazareno, have mercy on us!

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