On being first for Christ

The Lord Is My Chef Daily Recipe for the Soul by Fr. Nicanor F. Lalog II
Tuesday in the Third Week of Easter, Feast of St. Mark, Evangelist, 25 April 2023
1 Peter 5:15-14   <*(((>< + ><)))*> + <*(((>< + ><)))*>   Mark 16:15-20
A painting of St. Mark the Evangelist by French artist Valentin de Boulogne done in 1624-1625 from en.wikipedia.org.
Thank you, dear Lord Jesus
for calling and sending us
St. Mark the Evangelist,
the first to have written
your gospel account based
on the teachings of his
friend and mentor,
St. Peter; his gospel
account eventually 
became the guide of
later gospel accounts by
Matthew and Luke.

And we thank you for
that giftedness of being
the first to write,
the first to dare
go out and make you
known by everyone,
Lord Jesus Christ!

Jesus appeared to the Eleven and said to them: “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; whoever does not believe will be condemned.

Mark 16:15-16
St. Mark is often described
as being young 
and at the same time
immature:  twice he is 
portrayed as fleeing
from your mission, 
first from the scene 
when you O Lord was
arrested that he left his
linen cloth behind
and then during the
missionary journey of
Paul and Barnabas 
when he left them
and went back to
But, it was his youthfulness
that pushed him too to dare and
write the first gospel account;
how wonderful that he is
represented by the lion
as he began his gospel with
the fulfillment of the prophecy of
Isaiah in John the Baptist as 
"the voice crying in the wilderness"
like the lion.

Every time we dare to cry
and shout in the wilderness
of your coming, dear Jesus,
your gospel comes,
your gospel is fulfilled;
every time we overcome
our immaturities 
and recklessness,
you become present;
every time we imitate you,
Jesus, we write the gospel!

Let us clothe ourselves 
with humility in our dealings
with one another, resisting 
the devil by being steadfast
in our faith in you (1 Peter 5:5, 9).

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