“Really Wanna Know You” (1981) by Gary Wright

The Lord Is My Chef Sunday Music by Fr. Nick F. Lalog II, 23 August 2020
Photo by author, Gospel book (Evangelare), January 2020.

Jesus is asking us today in the gospel like his disciples at Caesarea Philippi, “who do you say that I am?” (Mt.16:15). As we have mentioned in our Sunday reflection, things we say of another person can come from two perspectives, the “what” and the “how”.

“What” we say of a person usually comes from common knowledge, the basics like name and address that sometimes not so reliable as we have not actually and personally known. But, to say of a person based on “how” we have known him/her is deeper because it comes from our personal relationship with some degree of intimacy (https://lordmychef.com/2020/08/22/it-is-not-what-we-say-who-jesus-is-but-how-we-say-who-he-is/).

To know another person is always to enter into a relationship that leads to a deeper friendship.

That is why for this Sunday we offer you this almost surreal, dream-like 1981 music by Gary Wright, “Really Wanna Know You” that spent 17 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100, reaching highest spot of #16.

Really Wanna Know You speaks of that spiritual thing we experience when we meet someone who seems so special, creating some sparks in us that leads us to something deeper than mere acquaintance. Notice how the sounds of electronic keyboards with the blending voices create that strange, beautiful, and out-of-ordinary feelings like attraction or simply being drawn to the other person.

I don't mind being lonely
But I do mind if not being loved
Maybe you're feeling the same way too
You're ready to hold some one

I really want to know you
I really want to show you the way I feel
I really want to know you
I really want to show you the way I feel

Something about you is telling me
We're coming from the very same place
It's only just a notion I have
(But) I see it written over your face

I really want to know you
I really want to show you the way I feel
I really want to know you
I really want to show you the way I feel

And the good news is that Jesus feels the same way to us, always the first to reach out to us because he feels something so special with each one of us.

Take that chance and meet Jesus in prayers, in the Scriptures, and in others who love and care for us.

Posted by Fernando Amora on Youtube, 24 Feb. 2012 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-YLsPP2-Wb7tp4QdBq48MQ)

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