Misrepresenting Jesus Christ

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul

Thursday, Week VI, Year II, 20 February 2020

James 2:1-9 ><)))*> 0 <*(((>< Mark 8:27-33

Photo by Mr. Jay Javier, Traslacion 2020, Quiapo, Manila.

Lord Jesus Christ, today I beg you, please do not ask me the same question you have asked your apostles at Caesarea Philippi: “Who do people say that I am?”

I am not yet ready to report these to you, Lord, because I would be telling you also so many varied answers on what people say who you are just like the Twelve at that time.

But so unlike your apostles, the people’s many different answers on who you are – that are mostly wrong – are because of my own faults and shortcomings.

Yes, dear Jesus: when your apostles told you what people said about you, they merely reported what they have heard.

But, today Lord, people say different things about you largely because we your priests and modern followers have not fulfilled our mission from you. We have misrepresented you, Jesus, most of the time.

People get so many wrong ideas on who you are because we do not reflect your true self as a humble and loving servant living with the poor and marginalized.

People get so many wrong ideas on who you are because we do not reflect your true self as a suffering servant, sacrificing everything, bearing all pains for justice and truth.

Forgive us, Jesus, when most of the time, we are what your apostle St. James refer to as those showing partiality with the rich and powerful, forgetting the less fortunate among us.

I am sorry, Lord Jesus in misrepresenting you that until now, people still say so many things on who you are.

Please continue to purify me, to empty me of my pride, to fill me with your humility, justice and love so people may realize who you really are — through me. Amen.

From Interaksyon.com 2019.

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