Jesus among us

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul

Monday, Memorial of St. Charles Borromeo, 04 November 2019

Romans 11:29-36 ><)))*> ><)))*> ><)))*> Luke 14:12-14

Sculpture of a homeless man sleeping on a bench fronting the Franciscan Fathers’ Residence in Capernaum, the Holy Land. On closer examination of the sculpture, one realises it is in fact Jesus Christ living in our midst! Photo by the author, May 2019.

Praise and glory to you, our heavenly Father!

Thank you very much for never changing your mind regarding your gifts and call to us as St. Paul reminds us today in our first reading:

Brothers and sisters: The gifts and call of God are irrevocable.

Romans 11:29

It is always a struggle with us to come to grip with this truth and reality.

Very often, we tend to forget your gifts and call to us to be holy, to be like you in Christ Jesus, always kind and loving, forgiving and merciful, just and understanding.

There is always that inner temptation within us to think too much of ourselves, to have our rewards or share of the fruits of our labor.

Help us to keep in mind like St. Charles Borromeo, who despite his very colourful and illustrious background, he lived out his call and vocation to the priesthood exactly as your servant, Lord.

Help us to forget our selves so we may always see you, Lord, among the poor and needy, the ones who cannot pay us back, or invite us to dinner. Amen.

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