The gift of poverty

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul

Friday, Memorial of St. Vincent de Paul, 27 September 2019

Haggai 2:1-9 ><)))*> ><)))*> ><)))*> Luke 9:18-22

“Hapag ng Pag-Asa” painting by the late Joey Velasco. From Google.

Dearest Lord Jesus Christ:

Thank you for coming to us poor, for giving us the poor. But, tragically many times we have refused to see you among the poor.

On this feast of St. Vincent de Paul who faithfully and lovingly served you among the poor, we pray for the same gift of seeing you and loving you among the poor.

“It is our duty to prefer the service of the poor to everything else and to offer such service as quickly as possible… this very service is performed for God. Charity is certainly greater than any rule. Moreover, all rules must lead to charity.”

St. Vincent de Paul, from the Breviary

In the first reading from Haggai today, your people the Israelites were so poor with literally nothing left to rebuild your temple in Jerusalem. What a gift for them to still see you among the ruins, in their poverty feeling your “spirit in their midst” assuring them with your “peace in the temple to be rebuilt” (Hag. 2:5, 9).

Empty us of our pride, let us appreciate and embrace the poverty within us like Simon Peter and all the saints like St. Vincent de Paul that we may boldly proclaim you are the “Christ of God” (Lk. 9:20) not only in words but also in deeds. Amen.

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