“When It Was Done” by Hugo Montenegro (1970)

The Lord Is My Chef Sunday Music, 17 November 2019

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Today’s gospel speaks about the end of time, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ when he predicted the fall of Jerusalem and destruction of its Temple in 70 A.D.

Every coming of Jesus Christ is a day of judgment and salvation, a call to love, love, and love.

When Jesus comes again at the end of time, he won’t be asking us how much money we have but how much do we share?

He won’t be asking us what car do we drive but how we move people with our kindness and warmth?

Jesus will not ask us those questions we are so preoccupied in this life but instead ask us the basic question we have always avoided answering, “how much do you love”?

Everything follows from that question because only those who truly love are the ones willing to suffer and sacrifice, even give life so others may live.

And that is why we have chosen this very poetic song, When It Was Done by the famed American composer Jimmy Webb in 1969 and first recorded by Winter Wanderley that same year.

There are other artists who have covered this beautiful song but Hugo Montenegro’s version is the best, giving it a more ethereal quality despite its poignant character.

It is a story of a man’s love presumably to a very lovely woman he never had the chance to express his feelings because she had been taken by somebody else.

If I could bind your mind to mine in
time, to keep you from that world of his
If I could change the strangers in
your kind, then I’d know where your soul is
Then I’d know what song I’d have to
sing, to touch that chord within you
Then I would weave such wondrous
songs, and when it was done, I’d win you
If I could stand with the stars on
either hand, and say girl this ain’t the answer
If I had been where you’re going, but then I’ll never be no dancer
If I was I’d know what step to take, and laugh at what had freed me
And smash the great wall down girl,
and when it was done, you’d need me

Too late… but the gentleman pins his hopes to the end of time when probably on judgment day he could have the chance to finally have that lovely woman.

If I can face the fate that waits to cast me into shambles
And sit across the velvet boards from God then I would gamble
And if I could,
I’d know what chance to take and before the devil sold you
I’d bet my soul against the stars, and when it as done, I’d hold you

Of course, it is all wishful thinking. And that is why – “when all was done” – there’s no more going back because it is judgement day. So let’s do whatever good we can in the here and now where Christ comes again.

Meanwhile, enjoy this lovely piece and shower your loved ones with all the love you now have.

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