We are nothing without God

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul

Thursday, Week XXVIII, Year I, 17 October 2019

Romans 3:21-30 ><)))*> ><)))*> ><)))*> Luke 11:47-54

Photo by Mr. Jim Marpa, September 2019.

O God our loving Father, we worship you and praise you for your majesty and kindness.

In this world where the self-made person is the ideal and economic achievement is the benchmark of success, everybody has become so busy in achieving something, carving a name for one’s self that we forget you.

We have become so proud and vain, O Lord!

Once we have tasted the sweet elixir of “success” in life, the more we thirst and work for so many other things until we finally forget you.

And that is when we become so proud, claiming everything is because of us – that, we are good, we are talented, we are brilliant. We are god, in fact.

But, Lord, I felt it too that when I boast of something in myself, I always run out of many other good things to be proud of myself! I just noticed that whatever we boast in life, it is always the same we thing just boast over and over again to make it big because the truth is, we have nothing to be proud of by our mere selves alone apart from you.

Worst, like in the gospel today, behind every boast we brag is a “woe” from Christ, of trails of evil and sin behind the “success” we are so proud of.

Forgive us, O Lord, for being so proud, for feeling like you, a God.

And this is the funny thing I have realized too about boasting: the more I see whatever I have in life as a grace from you, the more I see so many other good things in me to be proud of because of YOU!

St. Paul was absolutely right: we have all been redeemed and save by God in Christ Jesus. We are all forgiven and beloved sinners of God.

Should we brag or boast of anything, we can only do so in Christ because we all live in utter dependence in you, God.

There is nothing we can do in this world without your grace, O loving God. Amen.

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