Growing in Christ

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul
Thursday, Feast of St. James the Greater, 25 July 2019
2 Corinthians 4:7-15 >< )))*> <*((( >< Matthew 20:20-28
St. James the Greater. From Google.

Praise and glory to you, O God our loving Father! In sending us your Son Jesus Christ, you have shown us the path to you is being truly human, accepting our weaknesses and sinfulness by relying in your mercy and forgiveness.

Thank you for the gift of St. James the Greater, one of the Twelve Apostles who started out very much like us in the beginning as a sinner than a saint. He had shown us a wonderful path of growing in faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We always remember him as the brother of your beloved disciple, sons of Zebedee also known as “sons of thunder” for their quick temper like proposing to scorch a Samaritan town that have refused to allow you to pass through on your way to Jerusalem.

Together with his brother again but this time with their mother, they were so proud to support her request that they be seated at your left and your right in your Kingdom, claiming they could drink from your cup of suffering (Mt.20:20-28).

But, after witnessing your Transfiguration and your Agony in the Garden, everything changed in our beloved St. James the Greater.

Transfiguration by Raphael, From Google.

At the Transfiguration along with his brother and St. Peter, St. James the Greater witnessed your divine glory with the two greatest prophets of Israel, Moses and Elijah.

He must have not understood it so well at that time, including your command not to speak about the event until you rise from the dead.

But what a beautiful first-hand lesson about your divinity, O Lord, for St. James the Greater!

Agony in the Garden by El Greco. From Google.

Then, on the night before you were betrayed, he was again with the two privileged disciples to witness your Agony in the Garden.

This time, you have given St. James the Greater a first-hand lesson about your suffering and humiliation about to happen on the Cross.

Like in the Transfiguration, St. James the Greater may have not fully understood the meaning of the Agony in the Garden; but, it must have helped him discern the balance between your divine splendor and humiliation. Most of all, he had witnessed your humble obedience unto death to the Father.

These two distinct paths would finally merge into one after the Pentecost when St. James the Greater became the first bishop of Jerusalem.

And true to his bold claim when he was still young and ambitious, he became the first Apostle to suffer martyrdom by drinking your “cup of suffering”, Lord, when King Herod Agrippa had him killed with the sword (Acts 12:1-2).

St. James the Greater, so many people have found peace and solace, growth and maturity in faith in Christ in their pilgrimage to Compostela, Spain. Like them, help us to follow your path to Jesus Christ that is filled with so many difficulties and sufferings. Amen.

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