Living the moment

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul
Tuesday, Week XIV, Year I, 09 July 2019
Genesis 32:23-33 >< )))*> >< )))*> Matthew 9:32-38
Photo by John Bonding, Architecture & Design, May 25, 2019 via Facebook.

Dearest God our Father:

Teach us to live every moment of our lives with you and with one another.

Teach us to be like your servant Jacob who wrestled with you and prevailed that you named him Israel “because you have contended with divine and human beings and have prevailed” (Gen. 32:29).

So many times in this “digital age” when everything is “mass mediated” like our relationships and even faith in you, we have forgotten to live every moment with you and with others.

We are so out of touch with the reality, tinkering with our gadgets that are meant to bring us closer together but have in fact brought us more apart.

We are so concerned with our gadgets than persons and nature and you, Lord.

Until now, we are a “people who are troubled and abandoned, like sheep without a shepherd” (Mt.9:36), lacking in real, personal relationships and intimacy with others and you.

We pray through your Son Jesus Christ that you may send us more workers for your harvest, not more gadgets or money or things but persons who love and care. Amen.

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