Sharing Jesus, Our Bread

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul, Easter Wk. III, Wednesday, 08 May 2019

Praise and thanksgiving to you, O Lord Jesus Christ as we enter the final stretch of our Holy Land pilgrimage today.

It is very different experience to be in the wilderness of the Sinai desert – so cold, so barren, most of all, so isolated.

Lord, we are tired and longing for home. Now we can imagine the extreme difficulties and hardships of your people in the desert.

But you are so loving and merciful, so generous that you gave them bread from heaven, manna.

Now we have you Jesus as our bread, our life.

Like your first followers who were scattered following Saul’s persecution of the Church, they still went preaching the word – YOU.

We pray for more strength and courage to remain faithful to you, Lord, when we go through our desert in life. Let us share you as our bread to nourish the weak, gladden those who are sad and tired so that we may all persevere to meet you like Moses in the burning bush. Amen.

First photo is the Mt. Sinai mountain range at sunrise while the one above is the enclosed site of the burning bush Moses saw now under the care of Greek Orthodox monks at the St. Catherine Monastery.

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