“Still in Love” by Seawind (1980)

Photo from Bing.
The Lord Is My Chef Sunday Music, 10 February 2019

            It is a very lovely Sunday despite the very warm weather.  Perfect for listening to the music of Seawind with vocals by Fil-Am Ms. Pauline Wilson who would surely touch your heart and delight your soul with “Still in Love” from their self-titled album “Seawind” released in 1980.

            How lovely to realize that after all these years, you are still loved by someone you have loved.  Exactly the kind of love of Jesus Christ to us all.  In the gospel today, we find Jesus calling His first apostles while preaching by the shores of Lake Gennesaret after being rejected at their synagogue in Nazareth.  That is how true and faithful Jesus is with His mission to reach out to everyone proclaiming His good news of salvation.  Jesus is the only one who would always still be in love with us no matter how often we turn away from Him or reject Him.

            Are you still in love with someone special?  Or with Jesus?

            Rejoice because most likely, you are still loved by that someone.

            And definitely by Jesus!

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