Holiness is encouragement amid betrayals

40 Shades of Lent by Fr. Nicanor F. Lalog II
Holy Wednesday or "Spy Wednesday", 05 April 2023
Isaiah 50:4-9   >>> + <<<   Matthew 26:14-25
Photo by author, balete tree at night, Sacred Heart Novitiate, Novaliches, Quezon City, 20 March 2023.
It is Holy Wednesday,
Lord Jesus Christ,
also known as "Spy Wednesday"
because it was at this time
Judas Iscariot agreed with
the chief priests to betray you.
Today, specifically tonight,
is the day of traitors and
betrayers that sad to say,
are we all many times.

Whenever we sin,
that is when we hand you over
Jesus for something else like
the thirty pieces of silver Judas was given;
but, there are times those betrayed
suffer alone, at a loss to whom
to turn to, for anyone who may encourage
them still in this life despite the pains
they have endured from loved ones who 
handed them over to miseries and pains. 

And so, dear Jesus, we pray 
on this Holy Wednesday that we be like you
God's Suffering Servant gifted with 
a well-trained tongue to speak words that
will rouse the weary and the betrayed;
that we may have the ears
willing to listen to the cries of those
betrayed and maligned;
most of all, that our faith in you
may be firm, O Lord,
so we may set our face like flint,
not giving in to violence
amid all the attacks of the evil ones,
the traitors and betrayers.
Make us firm, dear Jesus,
in our witnessing of you;
may we strive to put more love
in all our endeavors,
trusting only in you,
pure and undefiled that should
anyone betray us, we may always
be vindicated in you.

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