All that glitters is not gold

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul

Friday, Memorial of St. Albert the Great, 15 November 2019

Wisdom 13:1-9 <*(((>< ><)))*> Luke 17:26-37

A street performer in Tamsui, Taiwan delights tourists and residents alike, January 2019.

How true are these words by Shakespeare and other men of letters: we have all to be careful because not all that is shiny and impressive is valuable.

Looks can always be deceiving that we must always probe deeper until we find the Ultimate Good, God.

For they search busily among his works, but are distracted by what they see, because the things seen are fair. But again, not even these are pardonable. For if they so far succeeded in knowledge that they could speculate about the world how did they not more quickly find its Lord?

Wisdom 13:7-9
From Google.

May the Universal Doctor, St. Albert the Great, guide us and enlighten our minds and our hearts to seek first Jesus Christ in the most Holy Eucharist “because it bestows the fullness of grace on us in this life” (Breviary, November 15, commentary by St. Albert the Great on the gospel of St. Luke).

I also thank you Most Sweet Jesus on this day as we celebrate our 22nd anniversary of ordination as Deacons. I still remember the great fear and fright I felt thinking of the immense responsibilities as a Deacon in preparation to our ordination to the Priesthood.

And yes, Lord Jesus, there were many occasions since then until now when we are blinded by so many shining things in the ministry that are not really you nor the Father.

Send us your Holy Spirit that we may seek you always and follow you by lovingly serving others in your name. Amen.

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