When words mean the world

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul
Thursday, Easter Week V, 23 May 2019
Acts 15:7-21 ><)))*> John 15:9-11
The Sphinx with the Great Pyramids that express more than words the great love of ancient Egyptians to their gods and rulers. Photo by author, 09 May 2019.

Today is “throwback Thursday”, Lord. We call it tbt. And I cannot resist humming that song by the Extreme, “More than Words” as I prayed over your words for today.

How amazing is the power of a word, especially your words, Lord. Whatever you said came into existence for you words and your being are one. In your goodness, you shared this great power of the words with us that we are your only creatures able to communicate using words.

Before you went back to the Father, you told us to keep your words, to remain in your love so that our joy may be complete.

How sad that we have taken this for granted as we desecrate words of their sanctity and true meaning.

How sad that so often we never meant what we said. We have to multiply our words in order to be meaningful, for others to believe us and trust us.

Help us to regain the sanctity of words, of “palabra de honor” that has long been gone in a world of words that lie, mislead, and deceive.

Help us rediscover anew your words of life, Lord, like the Apostles who relied heavily on your words when they met at the Council of Jerusalem to resolve their first issues as a Church.

May your words guide us anew so we may discover the true meaning of life that in the process, like the ancient peoples, we may express in more than words our great love for you through our wonderful works of art and charity with others. Amen.

The Treasury of the lost city of Petra in Jordan built in 1 BC that express in more than words the beliefs and values of the ancient Nabataeans. Photo by author, 01 May 2019.
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