Remaining in Jesus, our true vine

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul
Wednesday, Easter Week V, 22 May 2019
Acts 15:1-6 ><}}}*> <*{{{>< John 15:1-8
From Google.

Thank you very much, Lord Jesus Christ, for coming to us, for bringing God the Father closest to us. Thank you for being our true vine, for being planted in the earth, one with our humanity in everything except sin.

Through your mystery of Incarnation, you have bound yourself to us, Lord, assuring us of your indestructible unity with us who always separate from you, run away from you, and turn away from you in so many sins.

Teach us to remain always in you, Jesus.

To remain in you is to rely more on your powers than on our own strength.

To remain in you is to trust in your promises that you will fulfill them.

To remain in you is to be fruitful in firm faith, fervent hope and unceasing charity and love.

Since the time of Adam and Eve, there has always been that strong temptation to go on our own ways, to break away from you, O God, to be on our own. We have not only put you on trial 2000 years ago but, over a hundred years ago, we have even declared “God is dead”!

Forgive us when we refuse to be pruned of our ego and pride.

Let us overcome our fears to settle our differences like in the Council of Jerusalem so that we may continue to bear fruit in you O Christ. Amen.

From Google.
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