Life will always be Lent.

40 Shades of Lent, Thursday, Week-V, 11 April 2019
Genesis 17:3-9///John 8:51-59
From Google.

Almost forty days ago since we started this journey on Ash Wednesday, we have reflected that “life is Lent”. Today, O Lord, as we nearly conclude this Season of Lent on Saturday morning, we come full circle to that reality.

Life is Lent because it is about being with you, our God, our Father following your direction in Christ Jesus.

With you, God, we find life.

Without you, God, we lose life.

Help us to remain in you, dear God. To always stay with you as you have told Abraham from the very beginning.

God also said to Abraham: “On your part, you and your descendants after you must keep my covenant throughout the ages.”

Genesis 17:9

Help us to remember and keep this always as you remind us too, that Jesus Christ your Son is our Savior primarily because everything he said and done were said and done in obedience to you his Father.

Jesus is the obedient one just like Abraham who first showed us how life is a daily Lent, of being centered on you, always listening to you, always doing your will.

In a few days we shall enter the Holy Week. May we always bring with us the lessons of this Season of Lent, that life will always be Lent, of being with you, staying with you, our God and Master. Amen.

From Google.

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