Lent is “raising the bar”

40 Shades of Lent, Thursday, Week-IV, 04 April 2019
Exodus 32:7-14///John 5:31-47
From Google.

So true, O God our Father, we are like your people in the desert – “stiff-necked” – who easily turned away from you to worship the golden calf while you conversed with Moses up on Mt. Sinai.

We are easily carried away and distracted by so many other “golden calves” we worship because for a moment have given us delight or answers to our needs and questions.

We doubt your love for us, we doubt your fidelity to your promises, and we doubt your powers despite the tremendous blessings you have showered upon us. Like the people led out of Egypt by Moses, we are always tempted not to believe we are your chosen people that we would rather get trapped with our daily worries in life.

We prefer to be second or even third rate people when in fact we are all your children, your beloved and forgiven children.

Help us to raise our bar, so to speak, O Lord, of not simply being contented with the prophets or with John who was like a “burning and shining lamp” for many when he was merely your precursor.

Help us, O Lord, to desire you and nothing less for we are all special in your eyes. Amen.

Another snapshot from the painting exhibit we saw at the Davao Museum last August 2018.

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