The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul

Saturday, Week V, Year II, 15 February 2020

1 Kings 12:26-32; 13:33-34 ><)))*> 0 <*(((>< Mark 8:1-10

Photo by author of a wood carving of the Last Supper from Paete, Laguna at a relative’s residence in Collegeville Subd., Los Baños, Laguna, 13 February 2020.

Lord Jesus Christ, you have come to always remind us to remember your great sign of presence, the Holy Eucharist when you told us “Do this in memory of me.”

That is why in our gospel today, you have again another scene where you miraculously fed more than 4000 people from just seven pieces of bread.

Such miracles of yo feeding the people, healing them of their many sickness are properly called as “signs” of your saving and loving presence.

They are meant to be remembered always of how much you love us.

Keep us to be faithful to keep on remembering your works so we may also remind others to remember your love and mercy for us all.

Help us not to be not like Jeroboam who diverted the attention of people away from you by building altar to false gods and initiating celebrations to idols that led others into sin against you.

May we bring people closer to you, not away from you with our life of witnessing especially in practicing our faith in the sacraments. Amen.

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