Prayer to find meaning this 2020

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul

Monday, Week 1, Year 2 of Ordinary Time, 13 January 2019

1 Samuel 1:1-8 ><)))*> ><)))*> ><)))*> Mark 1:14-20

Photo by the author, Taal Lake, July 2019.

Almighty God and Father, we implore your love and mercy today as we start the Ordinary Time to help us find the more essential things of life this 2020.

May the eruption of Taal Volcano yesterday remind us of the need to seek always the meaning of life which is more important than anything else because everything is passing.

How wonderful it is to recall from today’s gospel how your Son Jesus Christ had called his first four apostles at the shores of the Lake of Galilee, something very similar with the setting of Taal Lake and Volcano.

At this trying time of a major calamity, may we also hear his voice, follow his call to be his disciples and find the true meaning of life in you as we pray for the safety of all people affected by Taal Volcano’s eruption. Amen.

From, 12 January 2020.

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