“You Don’t Have To Be a Star” by Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. (1976)

The Lord Is My Chef Sunday Music, 13 October 2019

Photo by Atty. Polaris Grace Rivas-Beron atop Mt. Sinai, Egypt, May 2019.

The husband and wife duo of Billy Davis, Jr. and Marilyn McCoo enlivens our Sunday with their signature tune “You Don’t Have To Be a Star (To Be In My Show)” released in September 1976 from their album I Hope We Get To Love In Time. It stayed on top of the music charts for six months until 1977 becoming a crossover success that also gave the duo a Grammy that same year.

Billy and Marilyn are former members of The 5th Dimension where they first met where their friendship blossomed into a love that has kept them together as married couple for more than 40 years until today.

It is a fitting song to our readings this Sunday wherein God healed even pagans afflicted with leprosy: General Naaman of Syria in the first reading from the Old Testament and the Samaritan, the only one of the ten lepers healed who came back to thank Jesus.

Jesus assures us in the gospel that the gift of faith is always freely given to us by God regardless of who we are. We just have to cultivate and grow deeper in that faith to fully experience his blessings and salvation.

It is like Jesus singing this song to you, telling you don’t have to be somebody or so perfect to be loved by him. God’s love is so immeasurable that even the most sinful, the most unloveable Naaman and the ten lepers can always be given a chance to new life if he/she simply believes.

Baby come as you are with just your heart
And I’ll take you in
You’re rejected and hurt
To me you’re worth what you have within
Now I don’t need no superstar
Cause I’ll accept you as you are
You won’t be denied cause I’m satisfied
With the love that you can inspire
You don’t have to be a star, baby, to be in my show (2x)
Somebody nobody knows could steal the tune
That you want to hear
So stop your running around cause now you’ve found
What was cloudy is clear, oh honey

Have a blessed Sunday with your loved ones!

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