Prayer to believe in people

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul

Tuesday, Week XXVII, Year I, 08 October 2019

Jonas 3:1-10 ><)))*> <*(((>< Luke 10:38-42

Photo by Mr. Jim Marpa in Carigara, Leyte, September 2019.

Thank you very much, O Lord our God, for this wonderful Tuesday! Thank you for the changing of season with the coming of Amihan’s cool northeasterly winds replacing the warm and humid winds of Habagat.

Please do change also our perception of people around us, especially those we have boxed and stereotyped simply because they are not like us in beliefs, ways, and color.

Help us to believe in everyone’s ability to become better persons, receptive to your words and mercy like the people of Niniveh during the time of Jonas and of Mary, the sister of Martha whom Jesus visited in a village on his way to Jerusalem.

So often, we are like Jonas and Martha, so focused with our very selves that we are the only ones worthy of your love and mercy as if we have been endowed with special blessings and privileges from you.

How sad that we always feel so exclusive instead of being inclusive like you, sending rains to sinners and non-sinners alike.

May we let go of any hint of “self-entitlement” that have kept us apart from each other and worst of all, prevented us from truly being one in you whom we call “Our Father”. Amen.

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