Prayer for us in having a new bishop

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul

Installation of the Fifth Bishop of Malolos, 21 August 2019

Judges 9:6-15 ><)))*> ><)))*> ><)))*> Matthew 20:1-16

Main Altar, Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, Malolos City. Photo by Lorenzo Atienza, June 2019.

On this joyous occasion of the installation of our fifth Bishop, the Most Rev. Dennis C. Villarojo, we praise and thank you O God for this wonderful gift of finally having a local Ordinary to lead us.

Thank you in hearing and granting our prayers for a new Bishop. And surely, you will be hearing and granting us all our prayers for him too!

But, lest we forget, I pray also to you, O God our Father, the prophetic request of a lay-woman you sent us during our clergy recollection last June: “Let us not corrupt our new bishop.”

It was the most shaking voice we have heard from you for a long time, Lord.

We were shocked, even jarred to our very core because it is so true.

It is a truth you have been telling us for so long not only in the Church but even in the society in general.

So often, we pin too much hopes and expectations, even demanding a lot from our leaders everywhere but we alway forget our important role of helping them fulfill their mission.

May we take into our hearts the parable of the trees by Gideon’s youngest son Jotham when your people were so eager of having their own king because the problem, O God, with corruption anywhere is not in the sinful ways being done by the corrupt but lies more on the corruptors who feel entitled that they must be given with special treatment by every leader they try to manipulate for their selfish ends.

Let us not be corruptors of any one like those in the gospel parable today of the first group of workers who looked so highly of themselves, expecting higher wages than the others and what was agreed upon, forgetting they are not the owner of the vineyard.

Bless our new Bishop and keep him strong in resisting the temptations and lure of fame and power and wealth in this so blessed vineyard of yours. Amen.

The Immaculate Conception, Patroness of our Diocese atop the Cathedral Bell Tower. Photo by Lorenzo Atienza, June 2019.

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