“Livin’ It Up” by Bill LaBounty (1982)

Lord My Chef Sunday Music, 11 August 2019
Baguio Pines, January 2018.

I turned 50 in 2015.

People told me that is the “age of enlightenment”.

And I believe so.

After living half a century, I have realised so many things in life that I had Bill LaBounty’s 1982 hit as my theme song, “Livin’ It Up.”

Like the gospel today when Jesus tells us to “gird your loins” or be on guard because death could come so sudden, LaBounty’s “Livin’ It Up” is the perfect Sunday music.

Girding up one’s loins, being on guard means living it up… taking a new persona when we learn to let go of our past to accept and appreciate every present moment, believing deep inside our hearts of more better and more meaningful things to come in our lives.

Girding up on’e loins, being on guard means living it up as matured men and women disposed to more things that are more profound and meaningful than mere existence because we are so aware of our mortality, of our coming to something more lasting that is eternal.

I finally got my life together
Scraped my heart up off the floor
My attitude is so much better
And I hardly ever cry the way I did before
I’ve been livin’ it up
Having my self in time

Livin’ it up
Right from the women to the wine
Livin’ out all those fantasies I never did get to
Those Crazy things I never got to do
I got my self a new persona
Took the service off my phone
These days I live the way I wanna
And I’d do just fine as long as I’m not left alone

Enjoy life in Christ Jesus, our only fulfillment.

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