All festivals without the Lord?

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe for the Soul
First Friday, Wk. XVII, Yr. I, 02 August 2019
Leviticus 23: 1, 4-11, 15-16, 27, 34-37 >< )))*> Matthew 13:54-58

Thank you very much, O Lord, for punctuating our days with your various festivals to remind us of your coming, of your presence, and your blessings upon us.

But please forgive us when so often, we are so focused with your festivals especially the rituals and the dates but always forget YOU!

So often, we forget to see your coming in your Son Jesus Christ to us not only during the festivals but most of all in the most ordinary days and events of our lives.

Like the people of Capernaum during his time, we rarely see Jesus, recognize Jesus and worst, refuse to believe in Jesus whenever he comes to us – “his native place” – our very selves as well as our places of work and study, even in our prayers.

Please open our eyes and our hearts, O God, to see you in the abundant blessings we always receive, no matter how little or great these may be.

Most of all, may we see you on the face of those next to us every time we look at your blessings and festivals for charity and justice are the best expressions of our celebrations in your honor through Christ. Amen.

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