Lessons I have learned living half a century

Quiet Storm by Fr. Nicanor F. Lalog II, 22 March 2019

Moss on a pathway in Malagos Garden Resort, Davao, August 2018. Photo by author.

Last midnight I waited for my 54th birthday in our church to thank God for another year in my life. I just wanted to be with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and all I could tell Him was, “Lord, you have given me with so much and I have given you with so little. Teach me to give more of myself and most especially of YOU with others. Amen.”

As I sat alone in darkness, I thought of the many blessings and its lessons I have learned lately.

  1. Everything indeed is grace. Whatever we get in life is always a blessing from God like love, patience, kindness, joy, mercy, knowledge and understanding as well every material thing we have. They are all from God. Share them, or better give them away to make life easier.
  2. We only have two choices in life, either we become better or bitter.
  3. Life is not about destinations but directions. Destinations are just points in life you reach or achieve, often connected with lines. And that’s it. So structured. But directions are about persons we journey with in life, something like your favorite pen or crayon that you pick to write or draw anything. It is always there, either following you or leading you wherever your writing or drawing flows into without any definite pattern, often in curves and circular motions. Always funny and enjoyable. Even crazy.
  4. We do not find God, He finds us. Sooner or later in life and that is for sure.
  5. In every situation in life, always look for Jesus Christ. Without Him, there’s no meaning in life or anything. And we find Jesus always on the cross.
  6. Liars know very well the truth and that is why they lie. So, do not worry about gossips and lies they spread even if some people would believe them. Don’t waste time convincing them of the truth. They know it but refuse to accept it.
  7. Anyone who is afraid to make enemies will never be able to stand for what is true and good.
  8. Sad to say, life is not about intelligence. That is why we have so many stupid leaders everywhere – government, society, and even the Church! No one is gifted with everything in life because we are meant to relate and help each other. Like liars, stupids are not good company. Remember, only intelligent people go to heaven because St. Thomas said, the more we know things, the more we avoid sins and become holy. Idiots and liars are the most evil as they refuse to accept their sinfulness. Pray for them.
  9. Enjoy life. Stop pleasing everybody except God alone.
  10. Always handle life with prayers. No matter what happens with us, prayer is the final straw we are always left with to start anew in life.

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