Objective of Prayer

40 Shades of Lent, Thursday in Week-1, 14 March 2019
Esther C:12, 14-16, 23-25///Matthew 7:7-12

God our loving Father, if there is one thing we wish to tell you today, it is the Psalmist’s song for today, “Lord, on the day I called for help, you answered me.”

So many times, we felt like “Queen Esther, seized with mortal anguish” with no other recourse but to you O God. We know our limits and our weaknesses as well as sinfulness, yet, you keep on trusting us, giving us so many responsibilities and missions in life. Not because we are great or so good but simply because we trust in you.

Teach us to discover anew that in prayer, our lone objective is You alone, O God: not things like money and wealth, power and honor. It is you alone whom we seek, whom we ask for, whom we knock doors for.

Give us the grace to strive to for your Person for you are more than a concept.

Give us the grace to experience your Person as you are not according to our belief or imaginations.

Just to feel your presence O God is more than enough for especially when we are in great need. Stay with us, remain in us always. Amen.

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