Jesus Transforms First Our Questions to Transform Us


The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe-Prayer
Thursday, 16 August 2018, Week XIX, Year II
Ezekiel 12:1-12///Matthew 18:21-19:1

            Dearest Lord Jesus:

            Every day we come to you with so many questions, an endless series of who, why and why not, and how.  As I prayed today’s gospel, I realized you seldom give straight answers to questions given to you in many instances like when Peter asked you about how many times should we forgive a brother who sins against us.  In many occasions in the gospel like today, you answer questions with a parable.  It is as if you first transform our questions in order to transform us eventually with the answers we can glean from your parables.

            As I dwelled on your parable of the unforgiving servant, I have realized one important aspect with our questions to you, Lord Jesus.  And that is our being so fearful of many things in life, especially of being loving and merciful like you.

           We try to be specific like Peter, asking in a numerical form “how many times should I forgive… seven times?”  The other day, we asked “who is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven?”  Once we have asked you “who is my neighbor?” or “Lord, are you going to establish your kingdom now?”  In these instances, you never gave in to our questions because you knew very well we asked these while bounded by fears.  We lacked freedom.  Or, we refused to be free to be who we really are as beloved children of a very loving Father in heaven.  Because we doubt your love and mercy.
             And so, you give us parables like today’s unforgiving servant to assure us that we are loved and forgiven by the Father.  Give us the grace to fully embrace this truth, that we would always listen to your gentle voice within to forgive and to love with all our hearts.  Amen.Fr. Nicanor F. Lalog II,Parokya ng San Juan Apostol at Ebanghelista, Gov. F. Halili Ave., Bagbaguin, Sta. Maria,Bulacan 3022 .
*Photo by Fr. Nick F. Lalog II, still life experiment, September 2016.

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