“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” by The Smiths (1984)

The Lord Is My Chef Sunday Music, 18 August 2019
Sacred Heart Spirituality Center, Novaliches, QC, June 2016.

We go alternative rock today as our gospel continues with its “shock preaching” for the third consecutive Sunday.

Jesus said to his disciples: “I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing! There is a baptism with which I must be baptised, and how great is my anguish until it is accomplished! Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division.”

Luke 12:49-51

And so, what is the good news in these pronouncements by the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ?

Interestingly like our intriguing gospel today is our featured music “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” by The Smiths released as a single in May 1984. And like the gospel today, we might ask, what is so good with this song that has become an anthem for our generation when heaven knows I’m miserable now?

Like our shocking and controversial gospel that sounds so negative on the surface, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now is a good news in itself worth sharing with others.

It is a very defining song of the time that is why it is listed as one of “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll”. Its music has remained fresh and crisp, a melody that is definitively rock with a hint of lullaby perfectly given justice by the so British accent and voice of Morissey.

From Google.

And most of all, deep in all those icings, is the perfect cake: the lyrics that is intelligently straightforward and witty laced with deep meanings only a person who truly loves can identify with.

Although its title was inspired by Sandie Shaw’s 1969 single “Heaven Knows I’m Missing Him Now”, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now is a tribute to those who choose to be good, who choose to stand with what is true and beautiful even to the point of being deserted by others like Jesus Christ, the prophets, the saints, as well as Lucy and Snoopy!

From Google.

It is definitely an intelligent music that has remained relevant up to this time making it truly a good news.

In this age when reason is being disregarded with emphasis given more on popularity, on what is trending and viral, on what has the most “likes” and who has the most “followers”, The Smiths’ Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now shows us how it can sometimes be dangerous being right, being true, being just.

The next time you feel hurt and aching inside, when you feel going through pains for being true and good among those people so ugly inside and outside, who are fake and untrue, pray and fix your sights on Jesus Christ on the Cross because “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”.

And, never lose your wit and humor!

What she asked of me at the end of the day
Caligula would have blushed
“Oh, you’ve been in the house too long” she said
And I naturally fled
In my life
Why do I smile
At people who I’d much rather kick in the eye?

Here’s a rockin’ and rollin’ Sunday to all!

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