When prayer becomes like rain and snow

40 Shades of Lent, Tuesday of Week-1, 12 March 2019
Isaiah 55:10-11///Matthew 6:7-15

May our prayers, O God, be like rain and snow that soak and soften earth to allow seeds and plants to grow, bloom and bear fruit.

Soak and soften our hearts hardened with pride and sin with your love and divine mercy that we may eventually go back to you. Soak and soften our hearts, O God, with our prayers that we may recognize others as brothers and sisters in you our Father. Soak and soften our hearts with our prayers, O God, that we may learn to forgive others as you forgive our sins.

We have so many things to learn about prayer, O God. And perhaps, the most important of these is to keep in mind that every prayer is a God-centered activity, not man-centered. Indeed, even before we pray to you, you already know what we need; we pray so that we may know what we need most, and that is you as a Person, not as a concept but as our Father.

Like Jesus your Son and our Savior, may we always be attentive – docile – to your words O God our Father for man does not live by bread alone. Amen.

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