“Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green (1971)

The Lord Is My Chef Sunday Music//Week XXI-B//26 August 2018
Words That Heal, Words Of Eternal Life

             Today we conclude the “bread of life discourse” by Jesus Christ found in the sixth chapter of John’s gospel.  The people who have followed Him four Sundays ago after the miraculous feeding of more than 5000 abandon Him after being disillusioned with His claims that He is “the bread who came down from heaven…that the food He would give is His flesh and the drink He would give is His blood.”  Only the Twelve Apostles would stay with Jesus.

              Sometimes in life, we get disillusioned with people, with organizations and institutions including the Church, and even with God Himself.  And it is always easy to leave, to resign when we are disillusioned.  Here is Al Green with his classic “Let’s Stay Together” to soothe you and give you more reasons to remain with your loved ones despite the pains and hurts in life.  The music is soooo good that it is worth listening to the other versions of this Motown classic.  Sing – and dance – if you want to enjoy.  Most of all, remain in Jesus.

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