“Got To Get You Into My Life” by the Beatles (1966)

The Lord Is My Chef Sunday Music//Week XX-B//19August 2018
Body and Blood of Christ, Our Communion With God

             Finally… the Beatles in our LordMyChefSundayMusic!

           But did you know that the great Paul McCartney wrote this song not for a particular person but as an “ode to pot”?  Yes, in honor of marijuana, that holy grass producing holy smoke!

I was alone, I took a ride
I didn’t know what I would find there
Another road where maybe I
Could see another kind of mind there
Ooh, then I suddenly see you
Ooh, did I tell you I need you
Every single day of my life

             Sir Paul revealed this only recently in an interview for a book about him and his works (check Google).  But again, as I have told you last Sunday, that is the beauty of music:  truly a universal language that takes on a life of its own wherein it becomes applicable to every situation.  On this penultimate Sunday of the Lord’s “bread of life” discourse, we find this classic Beatle music speaking also of God’s “communion” with us through Jesus Christ’s Body and Blood in the Eucharist:  “we find Jesus speaking more boldly to the unfriendly audience by increasing the force of His declaration as “the bread of life” by repeating it eight times in eight verses!  Jesus did not budge in the arguments of the crowd and instead slowly spiraled up His discourse as food and drink for eternal life…showing us the direction we have to follow in Him.” https://lordmychef.wordpress.com/2018/08/18/lordmychefsundayrecipe-19-august-2018/

             Have to be clear with you, dear reader, I was not into pot and have not read the inspiration behind this song when I wrote my Sunday reflection… but that is indeed the effect of getting into Jesus in the Sunday Mass, beyond compare with weeds or any other drug:  Here again is Jesus Christ before us…inviting us to enter into a communion with Him and in Him without murmuring and quarrelling to calmly reflect on this mystery of the Lord as our food and drink to eternal life… let us not rush God like the crowd at Capernaum by demanding spectacular and verifiable things to remind us of His presence.  Jesus is with us in the most ordinary things like bread and wine, in the most common experience like the Mass.  He speaks to us in the most consistent manner, always repeating the same words of assurances of His love and mercy, kindness and presence.  Never doubt for we are making progress every Sunday, from Eucharist to Eucharist.  Sooner or later, we shall come to that promised day of eternal life in the Father through Jesus Christ.”  Have a hearty lunch with family and friends and God.  And music!

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