Asking God to Come to Us Vs. God Asking Us to Come to Him

The Lord Is My Chef Breakfast Recipe-Prayer Tuesday
07 August 2018, Week-XVIII, Year II, Ordinary Time
Jeremiah 30:1-2,12-16,18-22///Matthew 14:22-36

            It is only now have I realized Lord the great difference of asking you to come to me and you asking me to come to you.  So often in prayer, I always ask you to come to me:  “Come Lord Jesus!  Come Holy Spirit!”

            It is always easier to ask you to come to me and you do always come!

            But as I prayed over that word “come”, I have realized that it is always you who ask me to come to you.  Prayer is really your work, Lord; we simply respond to your call.  What really happens when I call you to come to me is when I become like Peter:  you first call me out to “come” to you but when I see the giant waves, the many dangers and inconvenience of coming to you, I change path and get lost or when in the middle of the sea, I sink.

            In both instances, then I call on you to “come to me and rescue me, Lord” like Peter today in the gospel.  It is the same case with Judah in the first reading:  you have called Judah to come to you but she changed ways and became unfaithful.  Jeremiah and the other prophets reminded them of your call to come to you but they were very stubborn.  And now with Judah’s “incurable wounds” when she is about to get totally lost, you assured her you would still come to her to heal her, to save her.

  Life is always a coming to you, O God our loving Father.  Keep us faithful to you in Jesus Christ who is “the way, the truth and the life” that we may never go astray, that we may never waver or doubt your call to come to you.  Keep us faithful in coming to you so we no longer call out to you to come to us when we are deep in sin.  Amen. Fr. Nicanor F. Lalog II,Parokya ng San Juan Apostol at Ebanghelista, Gov. F. Halili Ave., Bagbaguin, Sta. Maria,Bulacan 3022 . 

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