“You Are Everything” by Marvin Gaye with Diana Ross (1973)

Photo from Google.
The Lord Is My Chef Sunday Music
Week XIV-B, 08 July 2018
Recognizing Jesus

            In my homily today I have mentioned that people took offense at Jesus for they lacked faith because they do not love Him…  To believe in Jesus, like with any person, demands love.  When we truly love a person including Jesus, our eyes are always opened, recognizing them even in their shadows or footsteps.  When we truly love anyone, there is no need to see because in our hearts, that person is already present in us.”

            In fact, we would never even see the one we truly love because they are already in eternity like Jesus and our dearly departed.  But even if we do not see them, we truly recognize them because we love.  That explains why so often, we thought we “see” the ones we love.  Loving, believing, seeing and recognizing are all interconnected; when there is a breakdown in our love, we stop believing, we become unfaithful as we fail to recognize our beloved.  That is when we also sin.  And that is the pain of not being seen and recognized by those closest to us like our family and friends because they refuse to love us in return.  But even if it happens, just keep on loving and believing because in Jesus, we are His everything.  Miracles can only happen and joy would start to overflow when we love, believe, and recognize Jesus in Himself and in others.

Today I saw somebody
Who looked just like you
He walked like you do
I thought it was you
As he turned the corner
I called out your name
I felt so ashamed
When it wasn’t you
Wasn’t you.
You are everything
And everything is you
Oh you are everything
And everything is you
‘Cause you are everything
And everything is you.
How can I forget
When each face that I see
Brings back memories
Of being with you
I just can’t go on
Living life as I do
Comparing each girl with you
Knowing they just won’t do
They’re not you.

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