“He Touches Me” by Lisa Stansfield (2004)

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The Lord Is My Chef Sunday Music
Week XIII-B, 01 July 2018

            When I was still teaching at our diocesan school for girls in Malolos City (ICSM-Metropolis), one of the things I used to tell my students was to never be fooled by a man’s looks and “porma”.  Always look for a man who would truly love you, respect you, care and protect you.  Find a man who really touches you as a person, as a woman.          

He don’t bring me anything but love
He don’t bring me anything but love
If you offered me the stars I would decline
I don’t need ’em I got mine
I don’t know where to start
But I know what’s in my heart
So keep your silver and your gold 
’cause I got my man to have and hold

            For this Sunday Music by Lisa Stansfield, imagine that man is Jesus touching you, touching each one of us.  Touching Jesus and being touched by Jesus is always a step into an intimate relationship with Him that calls for faith in us.  But we should not stop at simply touching Jesus – let us be touched by Jesus too!  When we allow Jesus to touch us, then we get in touch also with our true selves.  And when we are in touch with God and with our self, we get in touch with life’s realities and most especially in touch with others.  That is when we are transformed because Jesus had touched us.

No poetry, no diamond ring
No song to sing
He don’t bring me flowers, oh no
But he touches me, he touches me
No crazy dreams, no limousines
He makes me feel I can do anything
And that’s power, oh yeah
When he touches me, he touches me

             In this age when our communications and interactions are always mediated by gadgets and things, we have forgotten the power and impact of personal touch.  What really matters in this life are not only what we can touch like things but those who touch us like family and friends, persons who love and care for us, persons who make us whole. Enjoy Sunday!
I know they’ll say I’m crazy letting you go
Of a man like you
Who seems to have it all
But they don’t see what I see
No, they don’t feel like me
And even
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