“Land of the Loving” by Dianne Reeves (1986)

LordMyChefSundayMusic//AdventWeekII//09december 2018
Advent Is Creating A Room for God in My Life

          The second Sunday of Advent reminds us that it is not enough to be open for the coming Jesus Christ; we have to create a room for God in our hearts, in our lives for Him to truly come inside us.  It is only when we create a space for Jesus within us that we can truly experience His “intense presence” not only this Christmas but every day of our lives.  Creating a space within us for God means allowing Him to possess us, to dwell and reign within us so that we are transformed into better witnesses of Christ’s coming like John the Baptizer. It is impossible to meet God when we are so filled with things of the world and of ourselves.  Like John, we have to withdraw to the wilderness, we need to do some fasting, of self-emptying to create that room for Jesus in our hearts.  It is only then can we truly experience Christ’s coming and loving presence, mercy and forgiveness, kindness and grace.

           For our Sunday music, we have Diane Reeves lending her soothing vocals to David Benoit’s “Land of the Loving” (co-written with Mark Winkler) from his album This Side Up released in 1986.  I have always loved this song, especially after watching David Benoit played the piano for this song in 1990 at the PICC with Ms. Jinky Llamanzares doing the vocals.  After becoming a priest, I have always seen a more spiritual meaning in this song that speaks exactly of creating a room for Jesus Christ, of staying inside with Him in my heart, of being possessed by the Lord Himself.  It is in being caught in the arms of Jesus, when we let Him possess us right in our own small room inside our hearts when“Finally my life has a meaning of its own; here in the land of the loving I am home.”   Follow the lyrics from YouTube and as you immerse yourself into this beautiful music, think also of those days when you felt so blessed, you felt so close with God… rejoice and believe that He is coming again to redeem us.  A blessed week to everyone!

*Photo/quote from Google.

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