Our Origin and Mission in Jesus Christ

Sharing with you our reflection last year on the genealogy of Jesus by Matthew. May it deepen your Advent preparations so you may also find your mission in life.

The Lord Is My Chef Simbang Gabi Recipe-2
17 December 2018
Genesis 49:2, 8-10///Matthew 1:1-17

            Surely today after our Simbang Gabi, all attention would be on the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant with everybody rooting for our bet, memorizing the names and answers of almost every candidate from all over the world.  I have never seen any episode of Miss Universe or any beauty pageant in my entire life but from what I have read and heard, our intense interests with beauty contests is our way of coping with the harsh realities in our nation of crooks and corrupt officials that we try to identify with the beautiful and glamorous.  As you examine every candidate later on TV, try remembering our reflection on this second Simbang Gabi which is also about names and origins and mission.

            Today we begin…

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